Light, medium, dark roast? Choose your favorite!

About Banshee + Cinder

Named for our beloved feline familiars, Banshee + Cinder Coffee conjures visions of the otherworldly and uncanny, evoking imagery grounded in the most vital of mortal experiences: that first taste of a dark, steaming brew on a chilly morning as the ghosts of late night fogs dissipate in the dawn.

We are a small, woman owned business operating in New Jersey and Illinois. It is the profound intimacy of this ceremonial sip so imperative to our daily ritual that inspires our passion for coffee. And now we are thrilled to offer this bespoke roast-to-door experience with you.

At Bashee + Cinder we value inclusiveness, open hearts, and open minds. We drink what we like, and we define for ourselves who we are and where we want to be. We encourage everyone to do that which makes them happiest – life is too short to live it any other way!


Coffee Photo by Darby Lahger 2017